Creating a Bespoke Bell Tent Interior

I absolutely love my 4m Bell tent, I've had her for 5 years now almost as long as Hettie the camper van!

As a creative stylist  I have loved dressing the tent and this has inspired me to create a range of products especially for Glamping.

All of the products I have developed have been on a journey, involving lots of mistakes and re-jigs until I am happy that they serve their purpose effectively.

The storage pockets have been developed with a waterproof backing and with poles at each end to add extra support allowing the pockets to be filled but still sit nicely on the side walls of your tent without causing any damage, you know what its like when your camping keys, phones tablets etc can get lost in the chaos and the storage pockets provide a funky place to keep all those valuables to hand

My central pole covers are one of my favourite creations, inspired by many of the photos I've seen of tents dressed for weddings with tented ceilings and satin pole covers I wanted to create something that would add some colour and coordinate with the theme of my tent so I developed a range of pole covers that fit around the pole using velcro to secure.

A variety of bunting, cushions, blankets and throws are readily available all over the high street but I offer something a little different, a bespoke service where I design and create something just for you, unique creations to coordinate with your interior style that no-one else will have ....

Check out my full range of Glamping accessories and watch this space as I am currently developing some new products to add to the collection.

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