Rustic Christmas Wall Hanging Garland ornament - one of a kind

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Rustic Christmas Wall Hanging Garland ornament, Christmas decor, one of a kind

These Christmas Wall hanging garlands are created using up cycled fabrics sourced from fabric sample books.
Each one is completely unique and includes stuffed Green fabric Christmas trees x 3, stuffed red birds x 2 and a stuffed golden stars, separated with wooden beads in red, green and white alongside large brass bells between each motif.
The garland also has larger Coloured bells at the beginning and end and a small ribbon tied at the end, they are stung onto gold or green ribbon

I have only created 2 garlands in this style and length

The hanging length of these garlands are 113cm

Please see my other listings for garlands in my Rustic Christmas and Boho decor sections

I am also happy to custom make designs to meet customers requests